Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – Come Inside, it’s Party Time!

Both of my children love Mickey Mouse. My son has recently fallen in love with the new “Mickey and the Roadster Racers” videos and toys. So, it wasn’t a surprise when he asked for a combination “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” and “Mickey and the Roadster Racers” birthday party this year. Unfortunately, since his birthday is in mid-November, it’s often difficult to properly plan a home-based party that close on the tails of our annual Halloween party. As a result, we decided to hold this year’s party at one of our favorite places to play, especially on a cold, winter day…Tiger Bounce.

Although I certainly added my own touches to the party room we rented, it’s not quite the same as holding a party in my home. Had I planned things out a bit more, it might have looked something like this…

Mickey Mouse Cupcakes
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party Decoration

Mickey's Clubhouse

This would be a good backdrop for a snack table. I’d suggest constructing it with a blue plastic tablecloth for the background and colored posterboard or felt for the other pieces.

Layering individual pieces would produce a bit of a 3-dimensional effect that would look nice, and a birthday banner could be strung across the sky as a central focal point.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Sign

Welcome to the Party!

Hobby shops have pre-made wooden signs like this. All one would need to do is paint the various parts and add the smaller pieces (Minnie’s bow, Handy Helper, Goofy’s hat, etc.).

Mickey Mouse Party Decoration
Mickey Mouse Party Decoration

Time to Party!

I foresee a combination of these two decorations with the Mickey lantern (second image) hanging from the center of the streamers. 

Mickey Mouse Cake Serving Plate
Mickey Mouse Serving Bowl

Snack Attack!

Mickey Mouse cake serving plate and serving bowls. Easy to make and super cute!

Here’s a tip: before you buy a black plate and red bowl from a home goods store, check your local Goodwill or dollar store. You might find exactly what you need for a lot less.

He's everywhere!

Place some Mickey garland around the house for a little added detail.

These simple decorations could even be crafted by your kids. For the upper photo, all you need are some strips of red, yellow, black and white paper.

For the lower photo, you’ll need Mickey cutouts in red, black and white. You could even add a few more characters, like Minnie, Daisy and Donald.

Provide tape (or glue) and fishing line, and let your kids go to town!

Mickey Mouse Hot Dog Bar

Hot Diggity Dogs!

One simply cannot have a Mickey Mouse party without a Hot Diggity Dog Bar! And check out this adorable fruit platter…

Mickey Mouse party snacks

Say Toodles!

With a little help from the hubby, this photo booth would be pretty simple to construct. Don’t forget the traditional red pants!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party Activity

The Right Magic Words

One of my son’s favorite Mickey Mouse shows is the Easter episode where Pete says the wrong magic words and the Clubhouse floats away piece by piece. This would make a cute game for younger kids…find the missing Clubhouse pieces and put them back together again.

Mickey Mouse Table Decorations

Mickey's Snack Table

A red plastic tablecloth, white paper circles, and yellow shoe cutouts are all you need to craft this simple decoration for your snack table.

Come Inside, it's Fun Inside!

This door decoration would be a great way to welcome party guests.

Mickey & Friends Goody Bags

Simple to make with the right templates, these goody bags would wow party guests!

Happy Birthday Banner

I’m not quite sure if I’d go with this simplistic look or add some additional characters (like Minnie and Goofy). Either way, this birthday banner is a simple and cute decoration for your Mickey Mouse party.

The Roadster Racers!

Combining Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with the Roadster Racers should be pretty easy. Just add some black and white checkered tablecloths and/or streamers, and you’re basically there! Here are a few additional ideas…

Mickey and the Roadster Racers Goody Bags

Additional Resources

I hope you’re inspired by these Mickey Mouse party ideas. Most of the photos above are linked to their original sources, so be sure to click on those and check them out. Below are some additional party supplies you may find appealing (these are affiliate products, and I receive a small commission for any items you purchase through these links). Feel free to contact me¬†with any questions or comments.