Party with a Vampire

My husband turned 40 this year, and to celebrate, I threw him a vampire party…adults only! It was supposed to be a surprise, but he’s a pretty smart cookie. He knew something was up despite a good nine months of preparation that included secret craft meetings, a slight fib to discourage him from snooping around in the storage room where the party decorations were stored, and an elaborate plan to keep him busy the day of the party. 

Since most of my party planning centers around my two young children, this event presented a challenge of a different kind altogether. No cutesy decorations or fun scavenger hunts for these vampy party guests! Nope…it was all adult business for this soiree.

Entering the Red Room

This was what my husband saw as he walked into the house that evening. The black vine-like decoration was actually one I’d put together for a Tim Burton-themed Halloween party. I liked it so much I just left it up, much to the confusion of family members who visited us throughout the year. It was made with black butcher-type paper, black tulle, a strand of red lights, black and white leaves, and a couple of decorative crows. 

Dracula Strikes

I found this vampire courting his next victim via a Google image search. I used my trusty projector to enlarge the image. The bats were purchased online to complete the decoration.

You’ll probably notice a particular color scheme as you skim through the photos on this page. I switched out most of the light bulbs in the house (with the exception of the bedrooms) from the standard white to red. That little touch really added to the overall creepy effect for the evening. 

Setting the Mood

Happily, our family room has a vaulted ceiling that lends itself nicely to lights and other hanging decorations. I strung red/black tulle and red lights along the decorative beams on the ceiling to add to the vampire ambiance. The red lighting was the most prominent “decoration” for the evening…and also the easiest!

Goth Decorations

These four items were positioned on our fireplace mantle (in place of all the cute baby photos-quite a change). I found the lighted skull and candle on sale at a Halloween party store. The floral decoration was designed by yours truly just for this event. I spray-painted the wreath black and added lights and a few wayward bats to complete the effect.  

Vampire Coffin Bar

This “Vampire Coffin Bar” was a labor of love…or something like that. I used black foam core board to build it from scratch based on instructions I found online. I knew the lid wouldn’t actually be on the coffin, so I wanted to make it stand out…thus the odd design. A dozen or so glue sticks later, and the finished product was ready to receive guests…and liquor. Lots of liquor.

The lighted coffin lid on the wall is made simply of black foam core board and a strand of purple lights taped to the back.

To spruce up the coffin lid a bit, I added black hemp rope to the sides and these decorative polymer clay bats to the corners.

Beware: Vampire Residence

I found this decorative “M’ at my local craft store. I hadn’t planned to use it for this party, but inspiration struck…and our vampire monogram was born. The “bloody drips” are actually red candle wax. The “M” is also wrapped in black tulle, and I added a few decorative polymer clay bats…you know, just in case it didn’t look creepy enough.

Tortured Souls

Every vampire worth his salt has a few skulls lying around, right? I found this one on Amazon (see resources below). Add some moss to a large glass bowl and you’ve got the perfect home for this poor soul.

 Vampires Welcome

I finally got the chance to try out some crackle paint on this welcome sign. It turned out pretty good. I drilled a few holes in the sign and added a strand of LED lights to make it stand out a bit more.

Blood Bags

I found a set of 10 blood bags on Amazon and hung them above the garage door. Guests could even fill them with the liquid refreshment of their choice and drink via the longer tube, which acted like a straw. 

What’s Your Type?

My trusty drink dispenser with an AB- tag added to properly identify this “bloody drink.” Add any kind of red juice, and you’ve got the perfect vampire party refreshment.

Additional Resources

I hope you’re inspired by these vampire party ideas. Most of the photos above are linked to their original sources (unless they’re mine), so be sure to click on those and check them out. Below are some additional party supplies you may find appealing (these are affiliate products, and I receive a small commission for any items you purchase through these links). Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.