Star Wars – May the Party Be With You

Whether you’re throwing a “May the 4th be with You” party or a Star Wars-themed birthday party, you’ll find tons of ideas scattered across the internet universe. A friend and I have thrown a couple of Star Wars parties, actually…one for our husbands (their birthdays are only a couple days apart) and another for our sons (their birthdays are a month apart). Both were lots of fun, but we didn’t decorate as much as we would have liked (things were a bit rushed); thus, my desire to produce a more comprehensive Star Wars party page so other planners can find inspiration.

Storm Trooper Legos

A Galaxy Far, Far Away…

The perfect fabric for this backdrop would be thin, black and sparkly. Why? Because I would add a curtain of LED lights behind it to shine through! This would function nicely behind a snack table or as a backdrop for taking photos of your little Jedi warriors.

Light Sabers Everywhere!

Pool noodles make awesome (and super easy) light sabers and come in just about every color imaginable! 

With our last Star Wars party, we took it one step further. I found some short, light-up foam tubes to use as light sabers, and they worked like a charm (see description for the image below)! They came from an online glow-in-the-dark party supply store.

Star Wars Sign

I imagine a persistent party planner could come up with a wooden Star Wars sign that could be used to create this cool decoration.

With this design, it looks like they’ve actually drilled a few small holes in the sign and then pushed the lights through each hole. I can see it working either way…drill holes and add the lights or simply tape a strand of lights to the back of the sign to create a halo-type effect (which is what I did with our Batman sign).

May the Force be with You

These light saber table decorations would be perfect for a Star Wars party, especially one in a lower light setting. The glowing light sabers we used at our last party were foam tubes with battery operated lights inside. The batteries could be changed (making them reusable), and the foam made them safe for the kids to swing around. All we had to do was add handles (black electric tape and silver duct tape).  

Prepare for Jedi Training

Black butcher paper with a handful of glow-in-the-dark stars and a “Welcome to Jedi Training” sign makes for a simple and very cool front door decoration.

R2-D2 to the Rescue!

I’ve always wanted to make one of these. You can use paper or vinyl stickers to create this adorable R2-D2 trash can (which doubles as an awesome party decoration).

Crafty, you are…

These Yoda lanterns look really simple to make. I would add a face to the lantern as well for added detail (imagine that). It looks like BB8 would require a bit more craftiness, but the end result is pretty cool.

Darth Vader Party Decoration

Come to the Dark Side…we have cookies!

Every Star Wars party needs one of these decorations! We found our 3 foot tall Darth Vader at a local toy store. He’s pretty popular at parties. I’m sure the real Darth Vader would despise being reduced to peddling cookies, but ours didn’t seem to mind. 

Such Cute Little Light Sabers

They’re certainly not as effective as the real thing, but they sure are cute! These are made with colored straws and an LED light strand. Add some black electrical tape and silver duct tape for the handles, and voila! 

Birthday Banner

This is a great idea for a “Happy Birthday” or “May the 4th be with You” banner. 

Darth Vader Goody Bags!

Nothing says Star Wars like a good ole’ fashioned Darth Vader (or Storm Trooper) goody bag!

Use the Forks, Yoda!

Yoda soda (below) and a very important message for your party guests…don’t forget to “use the forks,” everybody!

Star Wars Balloons

For these balloons, I would suggest blowing them up yourself (vs. helium) and hanging them from your ceiling. That would allow you to work on them in advance of your party without worrying about the helium escaping too soon.

However, if you choose Mylar balloons, you won’t have that problem. I’ve found Mylar holds helium for quite a while.

You can find a simple template online; just search “storm trooper balloon template.” Here’s one I found.

You might also choose to construct a few Yoda balloons. Same concept, but with a green balloon, Yoda’s face (here’s another template), and green paper ears attached to either side of the balloon.

Additional Resources

I hope you’re inspired by these Star Wars party ideas. Most of the photos above are linked to their original sources, so be sure to click on those and check them out. Below are some additional party supplies you may find appealing (these are affiliate products, and I receive a small commission for any items you purchase through these links). Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.